Friday, December 9, 2016

Tournament Weekend

Sometimes, we have to take it for a run.

You have been playing tennis for months now and you know you are getting better than the last time.  However, you cannot confirm unless you face a little bit of competition.  For some people, competition is a scary thing.  You don't know where and how you'll end up.  However, for others, that is the appeal.

It is happiness to play with friends and co-workers during this weekend.  Every one was tired and happy.  That's a great combination, if you ask me.

The thing about these tournaments is that you can see your students got better.  The best feeling is you feel you're a little bit responsible for it.  And you secretly take part in their victory.  

There were those who have stopped playing for a while.  They are a little bit unconditioned to play but that didn't stop them from joining.  We're all in it for fun.

It was nice to have done this at the end of this year -  something to celebrate about and a group to celebrate with.

At the end of this tournament, with all that food, everyone was a winner.

A competition's a competition.  No matter how small.
("A person's a person.  No matter how small.")

Photos by Ma'am Joy.