Monday, April 11, 2011

Body Aches

My husband, aka Coach, (LOL!) was complaining awhile ago that he is suffering from vague body pains.  The culprit was playing an intense tennis game right after he had a body massage.

Earlier, he thought that his day was already done.  There were no more scheduled tennis lessons in the late afternoon.  So he thought it was the best time to get his usual body massage.  He didn't get it from me because I don't do a good job in deep muscle massage which he said, he needs the most (to which I forcefully object because I believe this kind of massage - shiatsu-like massage - is never good unless a chiropractor is doing it).

So he head home after that massage.  He was planning to take the rest of his day in bed to rest.  But instead, he got a call from his usual client that he needs to be back in court to play a two-hour game with the client and his company.

This client was known to play an intense game of tennis because there was gambling involve to make the game more interesting.  And he always hires my husband to be his tennis partner.  My husband was known to help win the bet for this client.  And so, my husband couldn't say no.  So he subjected his body to an intense workout when he should be lying down because his muscles just underwent some tenderizing session (which I fondly call the shiatsu-like massage).

And now, he ended with body aches.  I wish he passed up on the client but he couldn't let the client down.  I wish I was there to have hot compresses ready for him when he gets home.