Saturday, May 31, 2014

Trying To Lose Weight With Tennis

MUTE THE VIDEO.  The ballboy has messed it up with his comments along with my stiff hits! :) 

At last, we have found a trustworthy nanny to whom we could leave our kid at home to.  I have gained so much weight for the past months.  People are beginning to comment about it.  And my pants are beginning complaining about the increase in my abdominal girth.  

Work is so hectic that I just want to eat and sleep whenever I arrive home.  However, I am pushing myself to grab the racket and my husband to the tennis court.  I need to sweat it all out - the fat, I mean.  (of course, I burn the fat and not turn it into sweat.)   

I thought my husband (a tennis coach) has given up on me.   I was right.  But then, since I'm pushing him to try teaching me again, he has no choice but to do so or else, he would be stuck with a heavy weight for life.