Sunday, May 15, 2011

Enroll With A New Tennis Racket

New Brand of Tennis Racket in the Market
Comes in Blue, Red, Tan, and Black Colors
Best for any level of tennis player
All Brand New
P2500.00 Each

Get a discount if you enroll for at least three hours of tennis lessons
Consumed for one week
Lessons held in Acropolis Village, Libis QC (near Eastwood City)
Or Rainforest Park, Pasig City
Or any tennis court in Pasig area

Regular Tennis Lessons:  P3000.00 for 12 hours per student

Get a discount if you buy three or more tennis rackets

Pictures are of the used sample racket

Monday, April 11, 2011

Body Aches

My husband, aka Coach, (LOL!) was complaining awhile ago that he is suffering from vague body pains.  The culprit was playing an intense tennis game right after he had a body massage.

Earlier, he thought that his day was already done.  There were no more scheduled tennis lessons in the late afternoon.  So he thought it was the best time to get his usual body massage.  He didn't get it from me because I don't do a good job in deep muscle massage which he said, he needs the most (to which I forcefully object because I believe this kind of massage - shiatsu-like massage - is never good unless a chiropractor is doing it).

So he head home after that massage.  He was planning to take the rest of his day in bed to rest.  But instead, he got a call from his usual client that he needs to be back in court to play a two-hour game with the client and his company.

This client was known to play an intense game of tennis because there was gambling involve to make the game more interesting.  And he always hires my husband to be his tennis partner.  My husband was known to help win the bet for this client.  And so, my husband couldn't say no.  So he subjected his body to an intense workout when he should be lying down because his muscles just underwent some tenderizing session (which I fondly call the shiatsu-like massage).

And now, he ended with body aches.  I wish he passed up on the client but he couldn't let the client down.  I wish I was there to have hot compresses ready for him when he gets home.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Instead Of Flowers

My husband who is a tennis coach, didn't give me a bouquet of flowers last Valentine's day.  Instead he gave me something that I could use when I'm ready to play tennis again.  His student was selling a used tennis racket.  And since he thinks the color suits me, he bought it for me.  And for a relatively cheap price, considering it hasn't been used that much.  It hasn't even needed any stringing before or any change in the rubber grip.

He told me someone, upon seeing the racket, wanted to buy it from him and was planning to give him double of what he paid for.  But he said no.  He really thinks it was a great buy and refuse to let it go.

Now, I really can't wait to go back to court.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tennis Service

The last 5-10 minutes of the one hour tennis lesson is reserved for teaching on how to serve in a tennis game.  It is saved on the last part the lesson so that students who are already tired wouldn't mind standing still and hitting the ball at their own will.  This is the most boring part of the tennis lessons for me.  I'd rather be running around trying to hit the ball.  Besides, I have a hard time following instructions when it comes to serving in tennis.  But the coach doesn't mind me complaining.  He keeps on encouraging me to hit it on one particular part of the other court.  Even though, he ends up finishing up all the balls in the basket.

Below are pictures of coach, practicing his service... when he's not teaching :) 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Getting Ready for Summer

You can sense that summer is almost here.  I was in the mall this morning and I saw some bathing suits on display in a couple of high-end shops already.

Summer is almost here.  Almost.  There's still time to get into that shape you promised yourself you'd have when the time comes.  Smaller hips, thinner arms, shapely legs and thighs.  You have less than four weeks to do all that.  Crash diet just won't do because you also have to be fit for the summer season.

The best way to do it is to keep on moving.  But a desk job just won't allow you to do that.  And you don't really have so much time to spare during the day.

I even tried wearing Shape Ups hoping that I would get those shapely legs the product promised.  But I think I need to walk a couple of miles before I actually see any results.  By the time I see results, I would wonder if it's because of the shoes or the walking that I did.

A gym membership costs so much money if you're earning an average amount as a corporate slave.  And you can't really go to the gym as much as you would like. An hour would probably burn you only a hundred or so calories from you 2500 calorie daily intake.

I personally found tennis to do a good job in burning calories.  It even tones up your muscles.  I have yet to see a female who plays tennis who has not-so-beautiful pair of stems.  I've seen women over the age of forty who could wear short skirts so gracefully.  It's because of their well-shaped legs.  Sigh!  I wish I had those.  Maybe a few more tennis lessons will do me good eventually.

Most exercise will only be able to tone up certain body parts.  It is either the upper or the lower body part.  It is rare that an exercise will be able to address the whole thing.  I believe dancing can do that.  I believe tennis can do that too.

And just imagine the glow you'll have after a night of dancing or an hour of a tennis game.  You wouldn't need the sun rays to glow.