Saturday, March 12, 2011

Instead Of Flowers

My husband who is a tennis coach, didn't give me a bouquet of flowers last Valentine's day.  Instead he gave me something that I could use when I'm ready to play tennis again.  His student was selling a used tennis racket.  And since he thinks the color suits me, he bought it for me.  And for a relatively cheap price, considering it hasn't been used that much.  It hasn't even needed any stringing before or any change in the rubber grip.

He told me someone, upon seeing the racket, wanted to buy it from him and was planning to give him double of what he paid for.  But he said no.  He really thinks it was a great buy and refuse to let it go.

Now, I really can't wait to go back to court.


  1. i'm planning to enrol my son in tennis lessons, buti i checked your other blogs sis :) how much sis and saan ang court? my son is 9 btw :)

  2. hi sis, may I ask your email add. you can send it via text instead of posting it here. So that I can send all the details :D